A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words….

We’ve all heard the adage of a picture paints a thousand words.  But just how can we leverage this in our daily electronic communications?  There are some great tools available on your computer to help you in painting your very own picture (don’t worry – no artistic talent required!).

SNIPPING TOOL – this little gem is on most computers by default.  Simply type “snip” in your Windows search bar to locate it (it’s a great idea to pin this to your toolbar for quick access).  Once this is launched, it will provide a little toolbar.

  • Click “New” – your screen will grey out
  • Hold down your mouse button and draw a square around what you want to capture
  • You can use the highlighter or pen tools to draw on your picture in the Snipping Tool window
  • This “snip” (with any of your markups) is already in your Clipboard so you can choose to paste it directly inside a new email message or other document or use the Snipping Tool options to email or save the image

Now, for all you Mac users out there – I know I leave you out in the cold with my focused Windows attention – but never fear!  Your computers should come built in with a similar feature – press Shift+Command+4 to launch.

PRINT SCREEN – this is a button on your keyboard (usually in the top right) – you can use it in two different ways:

  • Press “PrtSc” to capture a copy your entire screen/s; OR
  • Press Alt+PrtSc to capture a copy of the active window.
  • With either use you won’t see the image you have captured, but it is in your Clipboard – simply select Edit>Paste (or Ctrl+V) to paste the image into your application.

Have some fun with it and you’ll be amazed at how it can help you to communicate much more effectively in your day to day business dealings.

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