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Our Approach

We are passionate about supporting business owners to achieve great results in their business.  We believe one of the most often overlooked key building blocks to successful business is the application of software and systems.  All too often as a business grows the time and energy available to investigate and implement new processes and technical tools (that would in fact save time!) is no longer available.

This is where we come in.  We work closely with you to either expand current software and systems to gain maximum output, or investigate and suggest alternatives that may better suit the business goals.

By working alongside you, we gain a deep understanding of your business and goals.  From there we can work to tailor make internal processes to suit your needs.  We ensure current software features are implemented fully and staff are knowledgeable and comfortable with those features through on-site training and reference guides tailored to your software and processes.

Sarah Lock has been working in supportive administrative and technical roles since completing High School in Mirani, Queensland.  With varied hands on roles in both the legal, drafting and construction industries, Sarah has gained many valuable "real world" skills.

Most recently, Sarah spent nine years working within a successful construction company.  During that time she gained a very broad knowledge of all facets of business workings, with particular passion and focus towards technological advances, software development and training.

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