Double Trouble – A Closer Look at Setting Up Dual Monitors

Do any of you remember when you first started working and the usual monitor was a big boxy white thing that took up half your desk space?  Times have changed with some monitors these days being of a design and size that could be mistaken for something out of your home media room!

But the old monitor has evolved and played a huge part in the paperless technical age we are now in.  Through larger screens and the addition of multiple monitors, it’s a simple matter to view your all your content virtually and avoid the need to print it out.

Though for some, the thought of adding a second monitor, and navigating the options of outputs and cables can be a little overwhelming.  So let’s break it down….

The most typical monitor connections are:

  1. VGA – a blue headed cable with a small symmetrical set of pins
  2. DVI – a white headed cable with a larger set of pins offset with a horizontal bar pin
  3. Display Port (or DP) – a black headed cable with an asymmetrical connector
  4. HDMI – very similar to a DP but it is symmetrical

….then of course you get in to Mini DisplayPorts and Micro HDMI’s but that’s for another day.

Most computers all come with at least two outputs – when buying a new computer, review the technical data sheet– it should list something like Outputs:  DisplayPort(1), HDMI(1).

So if you’re in the market to add an additional monitor, you need to look to make sure both your computer and your monitor match with corresponding outputs.  Can’t find a monitor to match your computer outputs you say?  Never fear, there is a large range of adapters out there on the market that can convert any of the connector types to be compatible.

So next time you’re struggling to fit all your screens of data on your single screen, consider taking the leap to adding a second monitor – you’ll be amazed at the added productivity it can bring you!

If it still feels a little overwhelming, contact us and we can help you through.

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