Links and Pins…..Save Yourself From Groundhog Day!

So you have files you access regularly …. do you open Windows Explorer, navigate and drill down through the labyrinth of your folders and, if you’re lucky, eventually find the file you were searching for? That is, if you remember where you saved it last time! You probably could have completed an entire years’ worth of BAS Statements in the time you’ve just spent finding this file. And it gets better, you then repeat this process every time you want this same file…Groundhog Day right?

Consider some of the below shortcuts that will have you saving countless hours over the course of the year.

Quick Access to your FOLDER: Create LINKS to your most common folders:

Inside Windows Explorer (remember quick launch is [Windows Key+E] – drag your most used folders up in to the links section – this allows quick and direct access at the click of a button. Your fingers will thank you.

Quick Access to your DOCUMENTS: Pin Word and Excel Documents

This works if you have full Office software – Pin your Word or Excel program to your task bar (right click, “Pin to Taskbar”- or just drag the program down to your taskbar). Already this saves you time as you only have to click once to launch any program pinned here.

Then open your document. Right click on the taskbar program icon and click the little pin icon. This document is now “pinned”to your taskbar icon – you can simply right click next time and select it in one quick step.

Give it a go. These really will save you time that I’m sure you can better use elsewhere…. like completing those dreaded BAS Statements!

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