Natural Selection….. How the Mouse and Keyboard Can Work Together

In the fast paced lifestyle we all lead now, daily frustrations of life can really have a bigger impact than needed. Gridlock on the motorway when you’re already running late, spilling your morning takeaway coffee before you even get a sip, leaving your caps lock on and not realising until you’ve already completed five sentences tHAT aLL lOOK lIKE tHIS. Yep, we’ve all been there – frustrating!

So whilst you may not be able to do anything about the gridlock, and the only way to savour that much anticipated coffee is to return and wait in the line again for another one, there is a much quicker fix that doesn’t require you to repeat yourself for the capital typfest you just created.

But first – lets talk about some selection shortcuts. You could use the old Shift and Arrow key (being stuck in gridlock seems faster by comparison) or drag your mouse cursor over the text you want (if you’re using a trackpad, this kind of feels like finger Yoga)  ….. BUT, next time try some of these cool mouse shortcuts when working in any of your Office programs:

  • Select word – double Mouse Click
  • Select sentence – Ctrl + single Mouse Click
  • Select entire paragraph – triple Mouse Click
  • Select entire table – Alt + double Mouse Click

Now that you have the text you want. Press Shift+F3. Keep pressing it to cycle through all the different capitalisation options. Now wasn’t that more rewarding than having to retype your text?!

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